Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Interview with Michael Vereen

Attorney Michael Vereen has made a successful career of providing legal representation to individuals throughout the state of Georgia. Below, Mr. Vereen shares more about his areas of expertise, his practice, and his cases.

Q: Describe your education and experience.

Michael Vereen: I take pride in having a degree from Atlanta's own Emory School of Law. I graduated in 1989, earning my Juris Doctor and Master of Laws. I joined the Georgia Bar the same year, and I have remained a member in good standing since that time.

Q: Most lawyers tend to focus on one or two areas of expertise in order to create a niche for themselves. In what areas do you excel?

Michael Vereen: Early on, I decided to emphasize bankruptcy law in particular. I am also well versed in DUI laws and different facets of criminal law. Additionally, I have considerable experience handling personal injury matters and automobile accidents. Those legal areas can be difficult to navigate, so clients can trust that my 20-plus years of experience will serve them well.

Q: Besides expertise in your chosen areas of interest, what do you offer clients that other attorneys may not?

Michael Vereen: Since beginning my career after graduation, I vowed to do more than simply win cases for my clients. When facing legal difficulties, many people want more than a lawyer; they want someone sympathetic to their situation and personal feelings. The individualized services I offer go a long way in establishing the powerful foundation of trust that should exist between attorneys and clients. I feel that trust has defined my career, and I take great pride in that.

Q: In your free time, what do you enjoy doing outside of the courtroom?

Michael Vereen: I have a wife and three children who keep me quite busy. To stay involved with my kids, I coach youth sports teams such as baseball and basketball. I also enjoy spending time in my backyard working on my garden.